"I think Michael is a very organized focused creative intelligent realtor who I appreciate doing business with and recomment to everyone that I can possibly recomment him to! I also appreciate all the leads all the builders that I have bought with him over the years.
-Clifford Grunes: Investor

"Michael has done great work for me.  He has helped me as both a buyer and seller agent. He has found good investment properties for me, and always represented my best interests throughout the process.  He also has an incredible wealth of knowledge not only about the Philadelphia area and suburban counties, but he also offers many excellent points of advice for investing successfully.  Michael is a trusted and proven resource, and I would enthusiastically recommend him to others"
-Tom Forstik: Investor

"Michael is a great real estate agent. Very knowledgeable about the Philly market with lots of insight into the different neighborhoods. I purchased 3 properties through him and am working with him now to buy another. He brings me good deals that work for my model"
-Troy Whitney

"Michael helped us with a very difficult short sale. He pushed and negotiated with the bank until the deal was done, and got us what we needed to help get us started with our new endeavor"
-Scott Dalfonso

"I've known Michael for years and he is an expert.  I've worked with him many times and I would recommend him to anyone looking to buy or sell property."
-Ari Miller 

“As a real estate attorney it is important to know a good real estate agent. Michael has a great deal of experience and tells it like it is. He also has an extensive network of clients that allow him to move real estate quickly and efficiently. I often refer my clients to him because I know they will get the attention they deserve from someone who can handle complex issues and is a seasoned negotiator. I personally utilize his knowledge when I have a question about the real estate market or a specific property location.”
-Justin Krik: Real Estate Pro

“Particularly in the investment property area, Mike is a star- both in finding and selling. Creative on bigger deals, I have used his services on multiple purchases and sales on a wide range of sales prices.”
-Elan Prytowsky: Investor

“Michael Cohen did an excellent job of selling our house in Philly, which was an investment property for our daughter while attending school and included another rental unit. We live in Alabama and therefore relied on our selling agent for more than the usual guidance and support."
-Carolyn Waterman: Seller

"Michael moved quickly to market the house and was able to obtain our target net return within 3 months. He arranged for the refurbishing work on the upstairs apartment, including painting and refinishing floors as well as for other repairs requested by the FHA inspector. His network of reliable workmen who can respond on an immediate basis was critical to the timely sale of the house. In short, we are very satisfied with the service he provided and would highly recommend him.”